Introducing A New Rewards Program
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Welcome, to the Pentair Pro Dealer Program!

We are proud that you are interested in becoming a part of our network of Professional Dealers!

Pentair is proud to introduce a new benefit to the Pentair Pro Dealer Program.... Pentair ProPoint Rewards. Simply put, as a Pro Dealer the more Pentair Residential Flow Products you purchase, the greater your earning opportunity. And it’s easy to participate - ask your distributor to sign you up today!

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Membership in the program offers you several benefits, designed to help you grow your business:

  • New Member Plaque or re-enrolling member year-bar — publicize your participation in the Pentair Water Pro Dealer Program
  • Pentair PROfiles Newsletter — keeps you informed of supplier news and new product offerings
  • Web generated Consumer Referrals — help potential customers find your business
  • Customized Professional Website — quickly and easily create a website to provide potential customers with information about your business
  • Exclusive Extended Warranty Program — opportunities to provide your customers with a higher level of service
  • Branded Merchandise — purchase promotional items to help advertise the high quality Pentair brand(s) you carry
  • High-Impact Marketing Materials — generate sales by advertising in your area
  • Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program — supports the continuing education of children and employees of Pro Dealers

View this brief tutorial to learn more about how to turn your membership in the Pentair Pro Dealer Program, into SALES for your business!

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Introducing Pentair ProPoint Rewards

Pentair is proud to introduce a new benefit for enrolled Pro Dealer participants.... Pentair ProPoint Rewards. This is an exciting opportunity for Pro Dealers to earn top-quality, name brand merchandise, captivating travel options or Pentair Bucks just for continuing to purchase Pentair Flow products.

Simply put, the more Pentair Flow products you purchase, the greater your earning opportunity. And it’s easy to participate if you’re already Pro Dealer and if you’re not, we hope that the long list of benefits with the newly added ProPoint Rewards can help convince you to enroll.

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Full Rewards

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Rewards CatalogArrow

See attached Pentair Products that are included within the Pentair ProPoint Rewards Program

ProPoints.... See How They Grow!

Every enrolled Pro Dealer, whether they purchase a lot or a little, can participate in the Pentair ProPoint Rewards program. All purchases made on January 1 through October 31, 2013 are eligible to earn ProPoints provided you are an enrolled Pro Dealer by June 30, 2013.

Take a moment to review the earning chart below. See how your rewards multiply with each purchase tier!

  • Your first $2,500 in purchases gets you started at the Bronze level with a Spin and Win opportunity that could earn you a gift card valued at $10, $25, $50 or $100 based on your spin. Additional sales of $2,500 will earn additional spins. Check out the website for the details.
  • Increase your sales to $15,000 and you’ll receive 1 ProPoint for every $100 of purchases. (ProPoints at this level and above, are offered in lieu of Spin and Win awards.)
  • Make the jump in purchases to $40,000 and you’ll triple your ProPoints to 3 for every $100 of purchases.
  • And earn 4 ProPoints per $100 of purchases when your total purchases exceed $75,000.
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0 - 499 Points

500 - 1499 Points

1500+ Points

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Customized Professional Website

In today’s digital world, a professional, straight-forward web site is a must-have for your business. 78% of consumers today research online before they purchase offline, and 82% of consumers who research a company online will contact that company off-line.¹

Let us help make sure they find you!

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¹ Source: Contractor Magazine

Website Features

Sign Up and Get Started

Simply visit the Personalized Website tab of the Pro Dealer site, and follow the on-screen instructions to quickly and easily create a professional looking website, tailored to your business.


Customize Your Website

You can upload photos of your business, provide testimonials from satisfied customers, and offer potential customers information about your services.


Get Found

By creating a customized website through the Pro Dealer Program, you will automatically be included in our dealer locator and consumer referral services. These web-based services are marketing pieces provided to you by Pentair, to help drive qualified customers to your site.

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Website Note

Consumer Referrals

Did you know?

82% of consumers who research a company online will contact that company off-line¹.

We’re making it easier for interested consumers to find our group of Pro Dealers, and we will drive their business directly to you. You will be able to easily differentiate your business from non-Pro Dealer businesses and get out in front of your competition.

Pentair is making an investment in your business, by taking online lead generation to the next level.

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¹Source: Contractor Magazine




Consumer search

When a potential consumer does a search for a particular product or service, they will be taken to our Pro Dealer Advantage website.


Find Your Business

From there they will be able to find your business by searching for dealers in their area, that provide the service they are looking for.


Generate Lead

That consumer inquiry will automatically generate a lead that will be sent to you, and you will have a new, qualified customer that you can follow up with.

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High Impact Marketing Tools

Generate a tremendous sales increase by conducting a comprehensive advertising campaign in your area! Put your name in front of thousands of potential customers with customized mailers, print ads for newspapers or local magazines, radio ads and internet banner ads, all available exclusively to Pentair Pro Dealer members. Printed mailers carry a nominal fee to cover printing costs. To learn more visit the High Impact Marketing Tools section of our website.

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Quarter Page Ad

Customized for your business

Each high impact marketing tool will be imprinted with your company name, logo and contact information. You even have the option of running a professionally produced 60-second radio commercial “tagged” with your company’s name and contact information. To order, log in to the Dealer section of the website, and follow the simple instructions under the Mailers section of the Ads & Resources tab.

Then get the materials in front of potential customers…and watch your business grow!!

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Pentair has established a scholarship program to assist children of Pentair PRO Dealers or of employees of Dealers who plan to continue education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

The Scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services, a division of Scholarship America. Scholarship Management Services is the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs for corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin. Pentair awards FIVE $2000 Scholarship, Application Deadline is April 30, 2014.

Applicants to the Pentair PRO Dealer’s Sons and Daughters Scholarship program must be -

  • Dependent* children, age 24 and under, of Pentair PRO Dealers or of employees of Pentair PRO Dealers who have achieved a sales loyalty requirement as of the application deadline date.
  • High school seniors or graduates who plan to enroll or students who are already enrolled in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two-year or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school for the entire upcoming academic year.

*Dependent children are defined as natural and legally adopted children or stepchildren living
in the Dealer’s or employee’s household or primarily supported by the Dealer or employee.

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Download Guidelines Here

Download Application Here

Warranty Plaque

Protector Plus Extended Warranty

As a Pentair Pro Dealer Program member, you are automatically eligible to receive extended warranty periods on specific products. Pass these extended warranties on to your customers, and offer them a higher level of service than your competitors can provide! You win by gaining customer loyalty by being able to offer that next level of service — and your customer wins by feeling secure in having an extended warranty at no cost to them!

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How it Works

When you sign up for the program, you are automatically eligible for extended warranties on specific products. Please log on to the Pro Dealer web site and visit the Ads & Resources tab, for a list of qualifying products and their extended warranty period, by brand.

In addition, your installation of 4" submersible well pumps with a Pentek XE Series motor, is guaranteed with our Profit Protector program. In the event of a pump failure, due to faulty parts and/or workmanship, which requires the pump to be pulled and replaced during the first year of installation, Pentair will reimburse you for limited service costs incurred. Please log on to the Pro Dealer web site and visit the Ads & Resources tab, to download our labor agreement for complete details.

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Ready to get started?

If you are interested in becoming a Pentair Pro Dealer Member let your distributor know! To qualify as a member, you must purchase a minimum of 3 eligible Pentair Water products through your distributor. Your distributor will verify your eligibility in the program when they complete the enrollment process for you. (New enrollment and re-enrollment must be completed by your distributor.)

Once your enrollment is complete, you will receive a membership packet in the mail. This packet will contain your username and password, to give you access to the exclusive Pro Dealer website, where you will be able to take advantage of all of the great benefits of the program.

The information provided by your distributor during the enrollment process will be used to populate your website and drive prospective customers to your business.

Distributors - Enroll your dealer Now!

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ProPoint rewards
ProPoint rewards


Distributors - Enroll Your Dealers Now!

Dealers - contact your distributor to verify your enrollment status.

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