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The Pentair Pro Dealer Program

Welcome to the Pentair Pro Dealer program! The Pentair Pro Dealer Program is open to dealers in the water well, sump sewage, plumbing, water treatment, agriculture or irrigation industries, who purchase eligible products from authorized Pentair Water Supply Distributors. As a Pro Dealer, you share a reputation of quality in a partnership with thousands of professionals across North America. The many benefits to being a dealer include merchandise rewards, custom marketing materials, business discounts, financing, extended warranties, sweepstakes, educational scholarship program, literature, online training, and marketing tools to improve your customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line.


Pro Dealer Rewards.... See How They Grow!

Pentair is proud to introduce a benefit for enrolled Pro Dealer participants... Pentair Pro Dealer Rewards. This is an exciting opportunity for Pro Dealers to earn top-quality, name brand merchandise or Pentair Bucks just for continuing to purchase Pentair Flow products. Simply put, the more Pentair Flow products you purchase, the greater your earning opportunity. And it’s easy to participate if you’re already a Pro Dealer and if you’re not, we hope that the long list of benefits with the newly added Pro Dealer Rewards can help convince you to enroll.

Every enrolled Pro Dealer, whether they purchase a lot or a little, can participate in the Pentair Pro Dealer Rewards program. All purchases made on January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 are eligible to earn points provided you are an enrolled Pro Dealer by June 30, 2018.

Rewards and Benefits

2018 Program Levels

Benefits are rewarded based on your level of qualified Pentair purchases. Take a moment to review the Rewards, Business Building Benefits and Tools & Resources that you can earn as a Pentair Pro Dealer member.

(1-150 Points)
(151-400 Points)
(401-900 Points)
(901+ Points)
2017 Status Carryover*
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2017 Status Carryover

Start 2018 with the same Rank/Earnings multiplier that you achieved in 2017!

Dealers must stay in good standing (within 5% of prior year purchases) to maintain rank multipliers. Dealers not within 5% of prior year purchases by June 30, 2018 will lose their rank carryover and will revert to the appropriate rank based on actual current year purchases.
Bonus Points NA 2X Point Bonus 3X Point Bonus 4X Point Bonus
Company Store NEW
Learn More Company Store

Company Store

Choose from a stylish and functional selection of Pentair logoed apparel and sporting goods, now with your favorite brands like, Berkeley, Sta-Rite, Hydromatic and Myers. You can also order your company’s name embroidered with certain quantity minimums.
Rewards Catalog NEW
Learn More Rewards Catalog

Rewards Catalog

With more than 3,000 items to choose from, dealers can use their points for gift items, tech tools, business tools, travel and home improvements.
Learn More Scholarship


Pentair has established a scholarship program to assist children of Pentair PRO Dealers or of employees of Dealers who plan to continue education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

If selected as a recipient, the student will receive a $2,000 award. Up to five (5) awards will be granted each year.
Sweepstakes NEW
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Win points and prizes through Sweepstakes and Special Promotions throughout the program year.
Pentair Bucks
Learn More Pentair Bucks

Pentair Bucks

Redeem your points for Pentair Bucks which can be used to purchase Pentair products.

100 POINTS = 150 BUCKS
Plaque after 1 Year of Sales
Small Business Discounts NEW
Learn More Discounts

Small Business Discounts

Dealers discounts on companies like Meineke, Hertz, Dell and AT&T.

Login and check the Pro Dealer website for discount codes.

Extended Warranty
Learn More Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Only Pentair Pro Dealers receive an extended warranty on some of Pentair’s most popular products. See the enclosed warranty sheet for the complete list of products.

This extended warranty covers our products from the date of original installation.
Labor Agreement
Learn More Labor Agreement

Labor Agreement

For our Silver, Gold and Platinum dealers, if you have to pull one of our Pentek Motors, we reimburse you for your valuable time. Please contact your distributor or sales rep for more information.
Learn More Financing


Increase sales by offering financing options to the homeowner.

Industry insiders say that a contractor who uses financing closes 30-50% more jobs and the average gross margin of their tickets are higher than those who don’t use financing.
Custom Marketing Materials NEW
Learn More Custom Marketing Materials

Custom Marketing Materials

Customizable materials to promote your business: Banners, Car Magnets, Brochures and Service Stickers
Bonus Points for Custom Marketing Materials
Learn More

Bonus Points for Custom Marketing Materials

For 2016 we are giving you points to help purchase these items based on your earned rank last year to help promote your business.
10 Points 15 Points 20 Points
Pro Dealer AppNEW
Learn More Mobile App

Pro Dealer App

Pentair’s Pro-Dealer Smartphone App is your new Mobile Toolbox: Providing you access to your Pro Dealer benefits at your fingertips.
Custom Website
Learn More Custom Website

Custom Website

Customize your own website with photos and testimonials.

Use the website to drive business & support an online presence with Google searches.
Dealer Locator
Learn More Dealer Locator

Dealer Locator

Your company is listed on our websites with links to your website.

*Requires purchases at same level as each half of the prior year to maintain bonus status.

Ready to get started?

Any information regarding the Pentair Pro Dealer Program mentioned on this website serves a merely informative purpose. None of this information is binding on Pentair Flow and Filtration Solutions or its affiliates, nor can it be used as a ground for any kind of claim against Pentair Flow and Filtration Solutions or its affiliates in relation to the Pentair Pro Dealer Program, which is subject to conditions that will be communicated to a candidate participant upon registration on this website.